(includes scented facial, pawdicure, & light massaging)

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Dog Grooming Services in Harrisburg


​by Madra Mo`r

2423 Columbia Ave , Harrisburg,

PA 17109

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Spa Packages

 Come in today for:

  • Nail Trim
  • Pad Trim
  • Ear Cleaning (non alcohol)
  • Sanitary Trim (if needed)
  • Teeth brushed
  • Bath with premium shampoo
  • Hand Drying coat 
  •  Brush Out and clipper/scissoring coat    (if needed)

 Another Doggone


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We believe more is better. That's why we offer a wide array of services. Mixing and matching to your pet's needs is our specialty. And because every pet has its unique grooming challenges, we offer a no-obligation consultations. Because it is by appointment only, it is strictly one-on-one.  No distractions from other pets running around or barking.  This is a relaxed environment. 

Ala Carte Menu (+ Full Groom)

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As always, new customers will receive 20% off or a free facial with a Full Dog Grooming Service ​at Another Doggone Salon Grooming Services .

Full grooms include:

When calling for an estimate, please understand that without seeing or working on your dog that the exact price cannot be given.  When you come in with your pet, I will be able to give a definite price.

GROOMING PRICES ARE BASED UPON BREED, SIZE, CONDITION OF COAT, & TEMPERAMENT (biting & difficult pets will be slightly higher in price since they require more time).

Experts agree that it's never too early to introduce your pet to fine grooming--bring your little one in.

  • Shampoo and bath
  • Hand drying- Never cage drying
  • Haircut/trim
  • Nail trim Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushed and deodorized
  • Skin and coat treatment
  • Spa treatments- Package or alacarte   
  •              Pawdicures
  •              Facials    
  •              Loofah Scrubs
  •              Light massaging
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nails polished- over 20 colors to choose from


$10-       20

Natural Flea Bath


Specialty Shampoos
   - Colloidal Oatmeal
   - Coconut Clean
   - Lav-N-Derm
   - Almond Crisp


Deep Moisturizing Treatment


Coat Condition Treatment


 Zymox Shampoo/Conditioner



up to $15


up to $25

Ear Cleaning & Plucking


Nail Trim


Ears + Nails


Trim Nails + Neaten Feet


  -includes trim/grind nails, neaten feet, massage
   paws with paw balm, & polish nails


Nail Color


Scented Facials